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Most thought it was a joke, including the Web designer in Florida commissioned to create the site

    Genre: True Crime Comedy 

   What would any enterprising 21st century contract killer do? Create a web site www.hitmanforhire.net and wait for the clients to come. They did.    

   What unfolds, however, should intrigue anyone who loves to watch movies based on true stories or watch people fall on their faces, because this story is a bit of both. "Hitmanforhire.net" is inspired by a truly bizarre real-life story, which was a media sensation in Ireland in 2008 and has been described as an asinine plot worthy of the Coen Brothers. 

   And there certainly was no shortage of reasons for the gold-digger to want rid of her partner and two sons, about 75 million reasons, based on estimates of  his vast fortune.  Not even the Coen brothers would have dreamt up an ending this bizarre.    


   During the trial I became captivated by this real life comedy of errors, even attending the proceedings.  I researched the case exhaustively, reading relevant trial documents, and interviewing experts in the field as well as several of the real-life players. This is a fictionalized version of events a la "To Die For", but I have secured the film rights to the book about the case. During the trial (Summer of 2008) the FBI took www.hitmanforhire.net  down and we have acquired the domain name and currently have it linked here with plans to design it to market the movie. 

   For a full history of hitmanforhire.net and its original owner please click on the following link thanks to the "LA Times" Victoria Kim who wrote up a brilliant report of the bizarre tale:  Online hits of a different nature