Follow the Money

A Taxing Crime Drama

A dramedy in a procedural cop show about Special Agents Betsy Baird and Leo Boettcher, the odd couple partners in an elite unit of the U.S. Treasury Special Agents, who employ Hi Tech, ESP and traditional investigative savvy to bust drug traffickers, terrorist, underworld-gangsters, scam artists and other criminals guilty of illicit financial activity.
Follow these Special Agents--perhaps the most badass number crunchers on the planet as they take down the untouchables of the financial underworld using hi-tech spy equipment and orchestrated schemes to find undeclared income, giving a "Mission: Impossible" feel that makes bookkeeping look as fun as searching for treasures. 
We follow the exploits of the star, Special Agent Betsy Baird and her fellow agents working on the toughest and most compelling cases.  Betsy Baird is a single mother struggling to balance her home life with the rigors of her demanding job.  Investigators working with her must be willing to bend the rules to get the job done all in the hope of bringing a little more justice to America.  She uses her unique talents to see past the obvious and find the hidden clues others may not see by using her sixth sense like abilities.  Special Agent Baird follows any method to solve a case and often butts heads with her boss Acting Special Agent in Charge Mike Thrower, he is the man in charge of the team despite Special Agent Baird's antics.  It's his responsibility to keep her on a short leash, an all but impossible task.

 Leo Boettcher was a Naval Intelligence Officer with amazing linguistic abilities and is a by-the-book Special Agent and SA Baird's partner. They hold the same high standards but find themselves clashing when they choose different routes to get to the same place.  The unmistakeable chemistry between them must be held at bay for professional reasons as they traverse the globe together with a single mission: to get the son of bitches who are robbing Uncle Sam of his rightful money.  Leo seems an odd choice, like water to Betsy's oil.  Leo has to perk up his hypoglycemia with constant chocolate chip cookie fixes throughout each day that fellow Special Agents tease him about.  Conflicts and quirks aside, these Special Agents, will make sure that no one gets away on their turf.  Prepare to share in the high and lows of each investigation.