Financial Incentives

Michael Duke Productions offers filmmakers executive producer, producer and Irish co-production services.
It raises the finance for its films from a combination of traditional film finance companies and private equity investors.


The benefit to your production from S481, the Irish Tax Incentive, is calculated on the basis of spend. That spend is defined as expenditure on local goods and services provided in the State together with the employment of any EU citizens for the time that they are working in the State. The benefit is cash flowed up front and available from first day of principal photography and is worth approximately a net 28% of their qualifying expenditure.  The benefit is based on the cost of EU cast and crew working in Ireland and goods and services purchased in Ireland, up to a maximum value of 80% of the global budget.  There is a ceiling of €50m on qualifying expenditure per project.

An interested foreign producer must team up with a local Irish co-producer. The Irish co-producer applies to the Irish Revenue Commissioners for a Section 481 certificate. The issuance of this certificate allows the Section 481 finance to be raised. The certificate will stipulate various conditions such as: the maximum amount of Section 481 finance which can be raised, the identity of crew, the number of trainees, etc. The Irish co-producer is responsible for compliance with all the conditions of the certificate.

The Irish producer provides the full range of production services including locations scouting, scheduling, budgeting, casting, crewing and takes full responsibility for all production services carried out in the State throughout the life-span of the production.


The Irish Film Board will also consider making an equity investment into international television drama projects that demonstrate a significant commitment to Irish talent and production infrastructure. The terms of the investment are negotiable and are tailored to ensure some return for the agency while providing an additional incentive for productions to base themselves in Ireland.

Both sources of funding are sourced through your local co-producer, which Michael Duke Productions can assist with.